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During the whispered interpreting or chuchotage, the interpreter is placed right next to the listener. He whispers a translation in his/her ear simultaneously to the speaker’s performance. The specialist translates for 1 or 2 listeners and only into one language.

Whispered interpreting provokes a number of problems related to the noise factor and the non-isolated working environment. The translator may distract other participants with his voice or may fail to hear everything that the speaker is saying. These problems can be solved using a "radioguide" mobile system for simultaneous translation, which provides almost the same features and capabilities as the interpreter's booth. However, during such a simultaneous translation, the translator is in the room next to all the participants. He quietly whispers the translation into the lavaliere or the headset microphone, and the participants hear the voice of the interpreter through the headphones.

If such translation lasts over 2 hours, it is necessary to ensure the work of translators in pair.