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Statics show thatthe majority of buyers refuse to purchase a product if the seller’s website is not available in their native language. Thus, translating your website represents a crucial step in augmenting your sales indices.

If you want to be competitive, your website shall give a prestigious image of your company.  An accurately translated content will give a clear message about your company’s goals, values and services and ensure your success at the international market. It’s a kind of investment you will never regret!

TRADEUS company offers a full package of services for the localization of your website and its representation at any local market. Our highly trained specialists will help you to “assemble” a specific set of services necessary to make your site available worldwide. Simply choose any target language - and we will care about the translation as well as its eventual internationalization and localization.

Besides, we can adapt your website to local realities of relevant markets by taking into consideration the specific features of consumers’ mentality and the general tendencies of demand. Followed by a linguistic and functional testing, such adaptation constitutes a key strategy to international success. And to save your resources, let us integrate the Content Management System that will offer you numerous advantages.

Irrespective of the field of your activity, TRADEUS will quickly mobilize a team of licensed native speakers, editors, marketers, technicians and experts that will best suit your specialization. Our skillful team will endeavor to ensure the exact compliance of translation with local standards and the success of your site at the local markets.

Why trust TRADEUS the localization of your website in Switzerland?

  • We have assembled the biggest team of translators specialized in a variety of subject areas.
  • We have engaged the best experts to work on your projects.
  • We work with a variety of file formats (from XML, HTML to Flash, etc.).
  • We have created a special department for multimedia localization that deals with translation of interactive content, including flash animation, video and audio
  • Multiphase quality control at all stages of work process.
  • We assign a single manager for all your inquiries, including technical issues.

We stay focused on our customers’ needs and care about providing you with the best services.


More than 100 languages:

German Translations,
English Translations,
French Translations,
Russian Translations,
Spanish Translations,
Italian Translations,
Portuguese Translations,
Dutch Translations,
Polish Translations,
Czech Translations,
Chinese Translations,
Arabic Translations,
Hungarian Translations,
Slovak Translations,
Romanian Translations,
Bulgarian Translations,
Ukranian Translations,
Croatian Translations,
Serbian Translations
and also other languages can be provided.