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The best way to communicate the information from the video is to provide it with a high-quality dubbing, emphasizing the main points. It is even more crucial for films translation - from documentaries and feature films to animation cartoons.

TRADEUS company offers any types of services related to the voicework – from AVO, MVO to full dubbing. Different speakers and actors that will suit your budget and purposes, are available in our database. The final stage of the process is the integration of voice records into the video and the quality control.

All the services are ensured by our company so that you don’t have to contact numerous specialists to get the work done. We can dub corporate videos and presentations, advertisement and promotional materials, documentaries and feature films. We can deal as well with much more complex orders as voiceworks with applications and recording of training courses (e-learning).

Voices Database

Before getting to work, you can listen to different speakers’ voices and choose the one that will best suit your preferences.

For example

Order 1: dub a YouTube channel of reviews and presentations of different PCs.


  •   develop a unified style of translation;
  •   select and approve the voicing actors for all the main characters;
  •   record and integrate the dubbing;
  •   localize the on-screen text.

Result: a permanent team of translators and actors has been formed; a unique style has been ensured for all the videos of the channel.

Order 2: Record a 12-hour audio for a training course on desktop virtualization of PC.


  •   approve permanent speakers for different types of materials.
  •   record the main audio and, eventually, some additional materials.

Result: the client has got a fully recorded and checked audio material in time. Further, our company has been engaged to localize the training courses using the translated audio and specialized software: Adobe Presenter and Captivate.

Translation specializations

More than 100 languages:

German Translations,
English Translations,
French Translations,
Russian Translations,
Spanish Translations,
Italian Translations,
Portuguese Translations,
Dutch Translations,
Polish Translations,
Czech Translations,
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Arabic Translations,
Hungarian Translations,
Slovak Translations,
Romanian Translations,
Bulgarian Translations,
Ukranian Translations,
Croatian Translations,
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and also other languages can be provided.