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At first, you may consider that this kind of translation has nothing difficult and extraordinary. But despite its apparent simplicity, it has its special features and hidden rocks that may vary depending on the target audience. Thus, the requirements for the material used to record an e-learning course will differ from the one for dubbing materials that includes such a time-consuming step as the detection according to the articulation of speakers.

TRADEUS Company has engaged a qualified team of specialized translators and technicians to translate various multimedia material, such as training videos and audio courses (e-learning), technical materials, scripts of different animated cartoons and feature films for further voice work. Our linguists will make sure that the message of the text is clear and correct, and that its ironical or other traits are preserved.

For example

Order 1: Translate a series of training cartoons about road security from Czech into Russian for future dubbing. Target audience - children from 5 to 12 years old.


  •   engage the translators specialized in fiction and children's literature ;
  •   consult the owner on the peculiarities of speech of the characters: their accents, special dialects and styles ;
  •   detect the translation for simultaneous dubbing.

Result: 24 series translated and subsequently dubbed by our company.
Order 2: Translate in-house instructional 40 minutes videos for sales consultants. Subject: perfumes, their sales and customer oriented policy.


  •   translate the script videos and preserve the length of the replica,
  •   control during the edition and marketing processing.


Result: translated and adapted marketing text with special markers for multiple voice dubbing.

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