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Our service «Telephone Interpretation» is a new and a very promising direction of our department of verbal projects. Many European and American translation companies have been providing this service at the global market for quite a long time.

With the advent of technology in Russia, the communication at a distance offers numerous opportunities. To overcome the language barrier, we provide special services: translation of telephone conversations and interpretation via Skype.


  • telephone conversations with colleagues and partners abroad;
  • full-time translation of a conversation;
  • advice on translation;
  • medical consultation with foreign experts.


Conference calls via Skype allows to organize both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. The requirements for technical equipment and the number of interpreters vary. Due to modern technologies, you can easily take part in an international symposium, conference or business meeting in the comfort of your own office without leaving your city. Conference call makes you save time and resources.

Our managers will accurately examine your demand and find you the translator in the desired language and specialization. The interpreters of our company have perfect presentation and business communication skills. We are also ready to provide you with the advice on the equipment and the technical support.

Please, contact our managers to get more information on the conference call with the participation of translators.


More than 100 languages:

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