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Terminological consistency is primary in the promotion of your brand, products and services, because it is one of the main characteristics of quality. It consists in controlling terminology, which is the basis of any translation process and is prerequisite for the successful implementation of any project. Proper handling of terminology is critical to ensure a high-quality translation and a proper transmission of the texts meaning in any language. Having a complete list of terms with the correct translation, as well as a constant and timely support, saves time and money by reducing required proofreading.

Standardization of terminology has many advantages:

  • reducing the number of errors in writing and translating materials;
  • improving coordination of intranet communication;
  • increasing the value of the brand and the related intellectual property;
  • giving own terms and abbreviations;
  • improving writing efficiency and translation of materials due to a significant reduction of reviewing time;
  • improving mutual understanding with partners and customers through the use of a certain terminology.


It is obvious that when a company enters the international markets, it is particularly important to establish a good brand image. In such case, the company sets the standards for internal communication with its own terminology, and these standards should be maintained, despite its growth and internationalization.

TRADEUS offers a range of services to identify and control the terminology:

  • research and standardization of existing materials and language requirements to define terminology;
  • a glossary of terms by automated extraction or linguists work;
  • advice on the use of standard or "common" glossaries together with their own;
  • translation and editing of terms (and their definitions);
  • editing of existing translations to ensure the accuracy and consistency of terminology;
  • centralize interaction of our linguists and terminologists with experts through our customer web portal;
  • development of specialized terminology and internal processes for its implementation in your organization.

TRADEUS solutions:

  • identification of needs and collection of information;
  • creation of a glossary (with available materials);
  • extraction of terms;
  • translation (taking into consideration rules of use, examples, synonyms, antonyms and other style requirements);
  • support during the project;
  • use of approved terminology while working with CAT-tools;
  • check at the end of translation;
  • processing and addition of a glossary of new terms;
  • addition existing bilingual materials and new translations to the "translation memory";
  • customer online access to the glossary for updates, modifications, support and downloads.

TermCheck: terminology checking program

The company has developed its own means to validate terminology in bilingual translated materials. It is free and available in form of Windows application.

Click here for more information and downloads.

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