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Subtitles are the fastest and the easiest way to translate any video. They are essential if the video is planned to be played without sound, for example, during the expositions and other events.

TRADEUS company provides services for subtitling videos using the ready text supplied by the client or decrypting and translating all the necessary material for further processing. All the works involve only specialized experts that ensure the accuracy of the target version in any format you may require - text with time marks divided into separate titles or subtitles integrated in the video.

To achieve a better performance, we use such advanced software as Subtitles Workshop and some video editors as Adobe Premiere and Adobe AfterEffects.
Subtitling includes multiple stages:

  • prerequisite transcript and translation of the text;
  • markup and preparation of the text for subtitling;
  • integration of subtitles into the video and quality control;
  • translation and replacement of on-screen text in the video (including frame-by-frame redraw);
  • final cut of the material.


For example

Order 1: integration of Russian and Dutch subtitles in the 50-minute film, as well as localization of the on-screen text.


  • pre-decryption of the text
  • translation
  • complex preparation of two-row bilingual subtitles and their synchronization with the speaker.

Result:  full subtitling and redrawing of all on-screen text; dubbing in the target language.

Translation specializations

More than 100 languages:

German Translations, English Translations, French Translations, Russian Translations, Spanish Translations, Italian Translations, Portuguese Translations, Dutch Translations, Polish Translations, Czech Translations, Chinese Translations, Arabic Translations, Hungarian Translations, Slovak Translations, Romanian Translations, Bulgarian Translations, Ukranian Translations, Croatian Translations, Serbian Translations and also other languages can be provided.