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If you have launched a successful project at your local market, you will be probably willing to make the whole world familiar with it. TRADEUS translation company can not only provide you with a customized translation, but also advise you on the internationalization of any software. We can give you some recommendations on the development of software that will allow you to reach the maximum stability and minimum costs of the localization of your projects. Our specialists are also able to accomplish complex preparatory works which will largely save your budget and resources.

Your software has been already translated into one or many languages? We offer you services in the linguistic and /or functional testing of the translated software that will assess the adequacy of the translation and, if necessary, make some corrections, additional translations, some adaptation or assist in selecting the further localization strategy.

We offer comprehensive solutions for the localization of software and websites in several languages (more than 30 languages at the same time), which provides our customers with the ability to bring their products to new markets with substantial savings of their own resources.

We carry out all types of works required to obtain a high-quality translation of software, including software installation, analysis and preparation of files for translation, screenshots and their inspection, multistage check of translated files and linguistic testing.

To facilitate the interaction, we may ask for the integration of our company into the client’s production cycle. This proactive strategy and the ability to fill in the demands directly through our corporate portal allow our customers to save their management resources.

TRADEUS deals with a full range of works required for a high-quality software localization. Our testing of internationalization and selection of appropriate localization resources will help you to meet the customers’ expectations and to promote your product on the international level. We will fully assist you in functional and linguistic testing, as-built software, layout and prepress, as well as multimedia engineering. All the translations and projects of our company undergo a multiple-stage quality control that guarantees the accuracy of our work.

Why choose TRADEUS translation agency in Switzerland in the field of software localization? You will benefit from numerous advantages:

  • quick release of language versions of your products presence of your brand at the global market
  • proof of your company's loyalty to clients
  • compliance of local versions with cultural standards of different markets
  • high quality and trustworthiness of the localized versions.



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