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While dealing with simultaneous translation, an interpreter translates almost immediately while listening to the text. The classic interpretation is performed using a special equipment and a booth. Simultaneous interpreters always work in pairs.
This type of translation requires an excellent knowledge of foreign and native languages, many years of training, rapid response and special skills to listen to the text and translate it at once.


  • international conferences;
  • forums;
  • congresses;
  • workshops;
  • presentations.

Incontestable advantages of simultaneous translation:

  • The speech of the speaker is held without interruption that saves time, makes communication more dynamic and the perception much easier. The speaker keeps the attention of the audience, feels the mood and the reactions of the listeners.
  • The event is twice as short as the one with consecutive translation.
  • The participants feel more convenient, as the translation does not prevent them from perceiving the speech of the speaker.
  • The simultaneous translation can be performed into several languages.
  • The event appears much more high-status due to the organization of simultaneous translation.