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Oil and gas extraction and processing, drilling technologies and equipment, exploration, energy research – translations in this areas are one of the key specialties of TRADEUS. Leading oil and gas companies trust us with all kinds of projects: glossaries, technical and project documentation translations, legal translation and literary adaptation of marketing materials, prepress files and language localization consulting.

We managed to create a unique professional design team, which has a lot of experience in oil and gas documentation. Some of the translators have been working for big gas or/and oil companies and therefore know the specific terminology very well, whether it's geological surveys or reports on the feasibility of mining, blasting description or technical guidance to drilling equipment, piping drawings or marketing brochures intended for the eyes of the client.  In each case, the translation is made by a professional linguist chosen for his field of knowledge.

For many customers, we have implemented an advanced portal technology cooperation, through which the customer can quickly and easily get the information about current projects, their status, costs, and others, so that deadlines are met and the quality of translations is guaranteed.


More than 100 languages:

German Translations, English Translations, French Translations, Russian Translations, Spanish Translations, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Croatian, Serbian and also other languages can be provided.

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