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Even if linguistic abilities of technology has gradually evolved over the decades, is it only recently that the quality and cost of machine translation (MT) have become closer to market requirements. TRADEUS uses the most advanced MT solutions in translation and localization and offers the development and deployment of MT for specific projects, as well as MT editing and other language services.

Nowadays machine translation allows much more translations, which previously could not be afforded because of limited time and budget. MT provided by TRADEUS are adjustable according to the desired style, global design terminology, rules of processing numbers, dates and units, as well as many other nuances that occur in the translated materials. Based on existing “translation memory” or previously made translations, we can build and implement mechanisms for various combinations of languages for our MT, as well as use the basic model of translation, worked out by TRADEUS over the time and implemented as a starting point for new solutions.

Prior to MT use, TRADEUS involves language specialists, who work on the MT "training" mechanism, testing and integration of corrective feedback for further learning. These steps are adapted depending on how our client uses the MT – to pre-translate the materials in order to improve the performance of translators or just to make a simple translation without any post-processing when only a simple understanding of the general meaning is needed, without any high linguistic quality. In any case, any MT requires its regular maintenance to ensure maximum efficiency.

Standard scenario of using this technology are :

  • preliminary translation of large projects for further editing by professionals in order to accelerate the translation process;
  • real-time translation  for online technical support, chat, etc .;
  • translation of questions and answers, as well as online forums;
  • translation of materials on specialized subjects in presence of a large volume of parallel texts - usually for scientific or legal areas;
  • internal correspondence;
  • clearly structured directories.


Depending on the specific requirements TRADEUS suggests a solution using optimal technology, which gives the best result for a particular area, and considers time, quality and cost of translation. Our partners and team of technical specialists from our Geneva office can also provide integration of our solutions into workflows within new or existing ecosystems of materials globalization.

For more information, please contact one of our representatives.

Translation technology

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