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Many of the games that have become popular in their native region, fail to enter the international market because of linguistic barriers. You want your game to be translated into several languages so that the players from all over the world can enjoy it? Or you just need to translate it into a specific language to launch it at the market of a particular state? Our company will undertake the translation of your product into one or several languages. We have experience in dealing with different kinds of games, including strategy, simulators, shooters, quests, MOBA (ARTS), and others. You can always trust us to localize your mobile and social games, as well as client-side products of AAA class. We use professional hardware and software, such as MemoQ, Trados and Across.

The translation of games software is complex and requires specific knowledge, first of all, because of its particular vocabulary. This challenging task relies on our experts that use engineering technologies to create glossaries based on the provided text or the existing translations. It helps us to maintain the integrity of style and to meet the requirements of our clients.

Besides, game texts are closely related to the game interface. It implies an accurate and exact translation of special characters and variables. The translator must clearly understand their role and purpose. This allows to avoid grammar inconsistencies while substituting variable words, images, icons or links. But even the best translator is often unable to translate the game without seeing and testing it himself. That’s why our translators are gamers familiar with the original game that helps them to make the final translation convenient for an average player.

To make your game even more pleasant for a target market, we offer you dubbing services – from a free postscoring with no length restrictions to a full dubbing of dialogues with respect of articulation. The records are prepared at the stage of translation and editing. Our company has extensive experience in casting and studio recording in different languages.

For example

Customer: Japan’s leading developer of MMORPG games.

Order: translate additional materials to multiplayer game about the masters of martial arts. Volume - 600,000 characters.


  •   assemble a team of translators and editors with a great gaming experience; some have already worked on the translation of the main content of the game;
  •   distribute the work among a dozen of translators;
  •   ensure the uniformity of style;
  •   check the consistency of terminology at the stage of proof reading using engineering tools.

Result: The translation has been done within five weeks and gone through three stages of interim control. Game text made numerous references to the ancient Chinese culture as well as some works of modern Chinese writers. The translators have carefully studied the context, reading the books, primary sources and their adaptations, as well as works on the history, religion and culture of Ancient China.
Customer: famous English developer of role and strategy games

Order 2: localize a cross-platform role-playing game with elements of MOBA in Russian and Polish. Volume - more than 70 000 words.


  •   engage experienced translators among the loyal fans of the game who could develop appropriate glossaries and vocabularies of terms.
  •   work even during the New Year holidays.

Result: translation of game content and game site.

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