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Each translation project involves labor-consuming efforts of numerous testers and proofreaders. As the translation is an integral part of every interface, it can only be approved at the stage of its integration into the game that will allow to see whether it works and reaches all the set goals.

As in some other kinds of projects, the translation of a game is a creative process that implies the knowledge of specific language, content and game in general. Each game is a whole new world with its own glossary and particular terms. An exact translation may be simply inappropriate.

Besides, each game requires a linguistic testing to see how the text fits the interface. As a result, our editors can make some adjustments to make some terms look better on the screen and convey the message in a clearer way.

Still after long hours of translations and adaptations, the editors may still have a big deal of work to do in order to ensure a more target oriented approach. The market tendencies and the gamers’ environment are evaluated and taken into consideration during the choice of correct terms and forms.

Finally, we use bug tracking software to reveal eventual bugs and let our users enjoy the quality of the audio and video universe.

For example

Client: the largest US social games developer

Order: conduct a linguistic testing within a month in 5 languages of the 2012 best social games, dedicated to the adventures of popular superheroes.


  •   select android mobile devices
  •   select experienced native speakers for testing in the office.

Result: Despite the difference in time zones with the customer, the developer’s technical problems and the delay in providing the updated versions, it has been possible to optimize the schedule and the testers have managed to perform the tasks without any time extensions.The whole testing has been totally confidential. After a few steps of the intermediate control, our team has finished the work earlier. Moreover, after the identification of errors and their elimination, a number of suggestions for localization optimization have been given.

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