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TRADEUS translation agency accomplished its first localization projects and translations of technical documents in 2012. Since then, IT is still the work part we are the most confident with, and where we can manage any level of complexity. Due to our unique work quality and great understanding of new technologies and tendencies, the most valuable IT companies are now our clients.

Our dedicated IT department dealing exclusively with software localization and translation for the information technology industry, is ready to prepare source files and localize the user interface, correctly translate help texts and technical documentation and proceed with testing the localized materials and ensure the quality control in accordance with the latest industry standards.

Moreover, we offer to our customers from IT and telecommunication the translation of marketing materials and press releases with an exceptional level of quality.


More than 100 languages:

German Translations, English Translations, French Translations, Russian Translations, Spanish Translations, Italian Translations, Portuguese Translations, Dutch Translations, Polish Translations, Czech Translations, Chinese Translations, Arabic Translations, Hungarian Translations, Slovak Translations, Romanian Translations, Bulgarian Translations, Ukranian Translations, Croatian Translations, Serbian Translations
and also other languages can be provided.

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