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Our corporate web portal provides a secure and convenient access to various real-time data on current projects, where clients and project teams can view and modify data, and the other part is instantly notified about the significant changes. Access to the online system placement and order tracking on the information portal is free of charge for our customers. It can be used any time to know the current status of the order, to follow the progress of the work, as well as get acquainted with the financial, quantitative and other statistics on an already made order. Many TRADEUS customers use our portal to place orders from different departments and offices. Thus, the portal acts as a common platform for interaction and provides a holistic approach to translation within the customer's company.

The portal being multifunctional and user-friendly, it will suit both experienced project managers and episodic customers. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and helps both sides to monitor the implementation of large projects independently of its timeline, and to carry out urgent orders if the previously selected translator falls ill, gets lost or fais to fulfill its obligations.

Standard web portal features :

  • placing an order or request for translation or assessment;
  • tracking order status and changes history;
  • standard and custom viewing and downloading reports;
  • sending files related to a specific project or to the customer;
  • getting information about the project and its performers;
  • loading performance results for already completed projects;
  • setting preferences or email notifications.


Placing and tracking orders on our portal is a convenient way for everyone of managing translation and localizing projects and access data. It makes financial reporting and project management very simple, since all the necessary information and reports are available anytime and anywhere, as soon as an internet access is granted. If you want to know how to use this free customizable tool and reduce your costs due to a faster execution of orders and a simple interaction, just ask TRADEUS !

Translation technology

More than 100 languages:

German Translations,
English Translations,
French Translations,
Russian Translations,
Spanish Translations,
Italian Translations,
Portuguese Translations,
Dutch Translations,
Polish Translations,
Czech Translations,
Chinese Translations,
Arabic Translations,
Hungarian Translations,
Slovak Translations,
Romanian Translations,
Bulgarian Translations,
Ukranian Translations,
Croatian Translations,
Serbian Translations
and also other languages can be provided.