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TRADEUS provides various translation services to different companies of the manufacturing and industry sectors: chemical and engineering companies, manufacturers of electrical engineering and instrument-making factories. Several years of experience in industry makes our linguists very familiar with this sector and able not only to translate technical texts, but also to understand them well and ensure a high terminological precision.

Translating is all about details: meticulously checked translations during the work process and the multiple-stage quality control, make us proud of our results. We carefully examine customer requirements before the translation begins and strictly follow the approved ISO 9001: 2008 process to reach a high level of quality and respect the set timeliness.

Our company’s unique work organization together with the best selection methods of staff and freelance linguists make us successful in dealing with various levels of complexity in translation. Moreover, having a completely transparent process makes us always ready to tell the client about the project progress and how it meets the deadline.


More than 100 languages:

German Translations, English Translations, French Translations, Russian Translations, Spanish Translations, Italian Translations, Portuguese Translations, Dutch Translations, Polish Translations, Czech Translations, Chinese Translations, Arabic Translations, Hungarian Translations, Slovak Translations, Romanian Translations, Bulgarian Translations, Ukranian Translations, Croatian Translations, Serbian Translations and also other languages can be provided.

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