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Translations in the field of energy are consuming and complex because they have many specific features. Projects for construction, modernization and reconstruction of power plants being large-scale and involving dozens of contractors, technical and legal documentations may represent a huge volume. It is important to ensure the accuracy and consistency of terminology throughout the project. The optimal solution is to work with a company that can provide a pool of translators and editors with high technical education, specialized in energy and engineering documents, and familiar with the specificity of the industry. Our professionals have experience in all kind of projects, “from scratches” to ready ones, and they are still improving their knowledge with each new one.

Another specific problem to this area is a very precise and often short time frame for a huge amount of work. TRADEUS professionals analyze all documents and quickly find solutions for both text and graphic recognition and their further filler.

We will translate any of the following documents :

  • Technical requirements and equipment descriptions
  • User Manuals for exploitation equipment
  • Schemes and graphics
  • Specifications
  • Operational documentation and presentations
  • Legal documentation

Translation specializations

More than 100 languages:

German , English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Polish, Czech, Chinese, Arabic, Hungarian, Slovak, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Croatian, Serbian and also other languages can be provided.