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TRADEUS cares not only about translating your documents accurately. Our Deskstop Publishing (DTP) and Design department works with all kinds of publishing and graphics packages on PC and MAC platforms.

Our experts are familiar with all kinds of multilingual layout. A document will be translated into any language and formatted in accordance with local standards of design. Thus, it will be completely ready for printing.

Along with pre-press, TRADEUS company provides professional design and graphic services, as well as high-quality business printing. If you are interested in catalogs, brochures, booklets, leaflets and materials in electronic version – don’t hesitate to contact us to have the best quality result provided.

TRADEUS accomplishes the following works in the field of DTP and prepress:

  • Extract the text from non-editable formats
  • Format the translated documents so that they comply with the standards of the target region
  • Prepress: you get  the layout ready to be used directly in a typography
  • Create PDF-files and electronic manuals for their further distribution in electronic version
  • Create templates for layout and master pages
  • Develop the style guides for layout and printing
  • Advise on the documents compatible with XML / DITA

Integrate single-source technologies and content management systems (CMS)