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Technology has facilitated human work in lots of different ways, and translations are no exception. They are still made by a team of professional translators, editors, proofreaders, managers, engineers and other professionals, but the use of automation has significantly improved the productivity and quality of our specialists.

No matter what is the size or the importance of a project, we use our own project management platform, which helps us to closely monitor the condition, deadlines and risks. In addition, it can help to assess the availability of resources, as well as their specialization and qualification.

  • CAT-tools (Computer Aided Translation) is also a must have program, which:
    • allows you to save time and money on translations of the same language by using "translation memory", which is based on the similar text fragments that has already been translated and listed in the "memory";
    • ensures consistency of terminology in the project by using a specific glossary and a built-in terms tracker;
    • performs technical inspection of translation, guaranteeing absence of typos, safety of numbers, tags and other text elements.
    • Other specific tools used for quality control, more efficient than CAT built-in tools can quickly and efficiently search and correct errors, including typos, non translated text, too long or too short translations; check the text for glossary and much more.


Of course, the use of automatic translation still cannot replace the human work, but it helps to save time and, as a result, the money.

TRADEUS is a high-tech company which constantly improves the efficiency and quality of its work through new technologies, as well as its own research and development.

Translation technology

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