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TRADEUS translation company is one of the major linguistic companies in Switzerland, which has the second largest network of offices in the country. We have been working for more than 3 years on the translation market delivering the best translation services. Large performance, efficient quality control system and considerable experience in translation project management allow us to take a leadership position at b2b and b2c markets. For all these years of successful work, we have acquired a reputation of highly professional and reliable supplier of translation services.

Your orders are received in our translation agency in Geneva and pass through different instances that include: clients department, translation department, quality management department. Depending on the project, we involve analysts translators, layout designers, editors, native speakers, as well as other freelance professionals. Additional customer service is provided by our delivery department.

TRADEUS has the largest number of full-time translators and it regularly hires more than 100 specialists working distantly - all of them have passed a comprehensive testing of language skills and take part in continuous training programs.

Customer oriented policy is the key principle of TRADEUS company. Our translation agency develops and strengthens partnerships with notary and legal offices, printing houses, advertising agencies and IT-firms in order to provide its clients with the best and the widest range of service.

The company's success is due to TRADEUS competent strategic and operational management that consists in expanding its branch network and improving its internal operation for high-quality and quick translations.

Our Professional Translation Agency is proud of its team - managers, translators, editors and experts with a high degree of professional responsibility.

Our office is the leader among many translation bureaus in Switzerland and neighboring countries!

More than 100 languages:

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and also other languages can be provided.